Stuff Your Sexist Boss doesn’t want you to know – distribution at 2018 Montreal anarchist bookfair

Thanks to the generosity of Solidarity Federation (Britain Section of the International Workers’ Association), we successfully distributed 65 copies of « The Stuff Your Sexist Boss doesn’t want you to know » at 2018 Montreal anarchist bookfair. Copies were on DIRA table. If you liked this pamphlet, you may also want to have a look at other Solidarity Federation publications available at L’Insoumise anarchist bookstore at 2033 Saint-Laurent in Montreal.

Description of the pamphlet taken from Solidarity federation’s Facebook Page

[On April 27th], SolFed [Solidarity Federation abbreviation] [was launching their] new pamphlet called the Stuff Your Sexist Boss (doesn’t want you to know). It is the result of a lot of Solfed members putting together their experiences with organising against sexism in the workplace. With a cover illustration especially drawn by Bahar Mustafa.

Sexism is a constant presence in many workplaces where it can take many forms. From lower pay, to expectations of unpaid work, to sexual harassment by bosses, other workers or customers, sexism means women and workers seen as women are treated unequally on the basis of sex or gender. [Their] new pamphlet looks at the reality of sexism in the workplace and what we can do about it.

As anarcho-syndicalists we favour direct, collective strategies that build and maintain a culture of resistance in the workplace. While it’s not always possible to directly confront sexism at work, there is still much that can be done to make work more bearable and undermine sexist behaviour. Coping strategies can allow workers to deal with things on a personal level while tactics of resistance can help you to actively fight against unequal treatment, objectification, harassment and structural disadvantage. In this way workers can organise and fightback, building a culture of solidarity and support at work, which ultimately means you and others experiencing sexism are less isolated and more likely to win.

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