The Birth of an Anarcho-Syndicalist Current by François Guinchard

This article aims to define anarcho-syndicalism through the way
it has been historically constructed. First, we have to precise
about what our object of study is since the term has been used
in a confusing way or has been quite neglected by historians.
Anarcho-syndicalism is difficult to understand precisely because
it does not have any « scientific » definition nor even one that
would be common to those who endorse it. Without claiming to
solve this problem, I aim to contribute in this article to clarifying
the meanings of anarcho-syndicalism in historical context.

-François Guinchard

Clic on the image below to begin downloading the text in a printable ready (Letter paper format) booklet. You can read it in its original journal publication here (page 152) or only the article in PDF here.

Francois Guinchard - The birth of an international anarcho-syndicalist current

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