Anarchist Syndicalist Theory Online Workshop | October 6th

Anarchist Syndicalist Theory Online Workshop
facilitated by Piper Tompkins
October 6th from 7pm to 9pm – NY time (UTC-4)

Confirm your participation and stay informed on the Facebook event

HERE is the link to listen to the workshop online!

Presentation will be on Piper’s Youtube Channel.

**** Precise URL link to come soon****

Une présentation en ligne en Français aura lieu quelque temps après le 6 octobre!

Piper will present a sweeping overview of the movement as a way to highlight questions for discussion and debate. She will help the group trace roots of anarcho-syndicalism in the libertarian wing of the First International — from the Federative ideas of Proudhon and Bakunin to the foundation in 1922 of the International Workers Association, the oldest continuous anarchist international to this day. She will guide the discussion up through the Spanish revolution of 1936 to 1939 and its aftermath.

The discussion group will participate in theory questions ranging from the nature of non-anarchist movements in syndicalism, how anarchists in the 20s and 30s viewed Taylorism, anarchist currents among the Zapatista uprisings and libertarian elements within the IWW. The group will also discuss ways for the movement to move forward, to not be trapped in outdated understandings of industry and how to build a vibrant and flexible movement that can address the unique challenges of today.

Who’s Piper
Piper Tompkins is member of Workers Solidarity Alliance (USA friend branch of International Workers Association). She is also writer of a blog ( and of various texts like  »Anarcho-syndicalist Trans-Feminism » (

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